Related Figurines and Artefacts


A sculptor’s workshop.  Attic red-figure kylix by the Foundry Painter,
early 5th century BCE.  W. 30.5 cm. Antikensammlung, Berlin, 2294.
Edited from photograph attributed to Marcus Cyron,
Multi-license with GFDL and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.5


Other Related Figurines and Artefacts

As mentioned in the information about this site, the intention is to display a collection of bronze figurines and statuettes collected over several years in Java. Included in the collection were some figurines that were not Javanese, and brass and bronze items that were not figurines, but they were included in the collection to allow comparisons to be made.  This section is intended to display figurines, which are not covered by the categories in the collection because they are not brass or bronze; or do not have any relationship to the Javanese Hindu-Buddhist culture, which is the theme of the main collection.

The items included here are small Buddha images made from various materials including wood, stone and metal.  As time permits, other items made from brass and bronze will be added, because of the similarity of the metals and their use in making various artefacts.

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